Starbrite Teak Scrub, stainless steel steel wool for teak cleaning

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Starbrite Teak Scrub, Stainless steel steel wool for cleaning Teak


  • Excellent for cleaning and removing stains from teak
  • Better than bronze wool for deep cleans
  • Stainless and unwearable
  • Hundreds of applications for cleaning wooden furniture, on the boat and at home.

This item replaces the bristle brush that gets clogged. This stainless steel ball cleans deeply quickly without leaving traces of rust like steel wool.

Good size for good grip.

"Teak Scrub", new name of the old identical item "Magic Scrub"

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Teak wood (Tectona Grandis) From Indonesia. Teak wood changes appearance on the outside. To maintain to keep its original color or to let it patina and gray naturally.

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