Article 7 of the General Conditions

Delivery, delivery time and costs

The buyer can either collect their order (unassembled items) free of charge from the Lutry store, or have it delivered to their home. This service may be chargeable.

Deliveries are made to the address indicated on the order form which can only be in the geographical area initially agreed. For deliveries by parcel, the buyer is usually delivered to his home by post. In the absence of the buyer, he will receive a notice from the postman, which allows him to collect the ordered products from the Post Office or from the planned collection point, during the period indicated by the postal services. If the order is not collected within the expected period, costs for a 2nd delivery may be charged.

In case of deliveries in mountainous regions, delivery is made to the nearest valley station. Additional technical equipment (furniture lift, crane, ski lift, helicopter, etc.) is the responsibility of the recipient of the goods. Deliveries not available for areas prohibited by cars or accessible only by cable car or boat.

When ordering several items, the delivery time of the order may be adapted to the time of the item with the longest delivery time.

The risks linked to transport are the responsibility of the purchaser from the moment the items leave the premises of the company Jardin-Confort SA. The buyer is required to check, in the presence of the postman, carrier or delivery person, the condition of the packaging of the goods and its contents upon delivery. In the event of damage during transport, any protest must be made to the carrier within 24 hours of delivery.

Delivery may consist of several partial deliveries. If Jardin-Confort SA wishes to make partial deliveries, Jardin-Confort SA will cover the additional costs incurred. The buyer is not entitled to refuse partial deliveries. The items ordered for delivery must be able to be delivered upon request by Jardin-Confort SA within a maximum of 7 days, under penalty of possible storage costs payable by the customer.

The right to damages linked to a delay in delivery is in all cases excluded. Delivery times provided for information purposes are expressed in number of working days. The delivery times given reflect the usual time in a normal situation but are indicative and are not binding on Jardin-Confort Sa. These, if exceeded, cannot justify a request for a discount, cancellation or refund.

Depending on the size and weight of the order, you may be asked to contribute to the delivery costs. Depending on the delivery area, additional optional paid services may be offered to you (delivery to the floor, assembly, unpacking, etc.).

Jardin-Confort SA reserves the right to cancel or adapt at any time the delivery and service costs, the delivery method, the assembly services, the service and the delivery method chosen and paid for by the buyer .

Shipping cost:


Home delivery of parcels by Post: Only for orders that can be sent by parcel post. Without unpacking and without assembly.

Maximum order weight: 30kg. Maximum dimensions of the package containing all the items in the order: length: 250cm; perimeter: 400cm (2 × height + 2 × width + 1 × longest side).

Free shipping from CHF 100.- purchase for standard postal parcels (non-bulky*):

Lower amounts:

Up to 2kg: CHF 7.-

Up to 10kg: CHF 9.-

Up to 30kg: CHF 19.-

*Sending for non-standard (bulky) postal packages:

  • Shipments with a length greater than 100 cm
  • Shipments of 2 dimensions greater than 60 cm
  • Unpackaged shipments

Up to 30kg: CHF 24.-


Home delivery of packages by Planzer carrier, Poste Cargo or Jardin-Confort SA delivery men.

-Free shipping from 2000.- of purchase

-Lower amounts: CHF 59.- For French-speaking Switzerland. Supplements depending on geographical delivery areas outside French-speaking Switzerland.

Without unpacking and without assembly. Delivery in parcels or on a pallet free to the curb or downstream station. The goods are unloaded at the edge of the roadway, they are not taken to their final installation location.

Packaging must be disposed of by the buyer via the nearest household waste collection center. If the order is delivered on a transport pallet, the carrier can in certain cases take the pallet directly. Otherwise the buyer should contact a local waste and recycling center near them or bring it back to our store.

The buyer is responsible for the good accessibility of his home by delivery vehicles and trucks. He must check and rule out without delay if any difficulty could arise. As the driver is responsible for delivery and access, the final decision regarding the possibility of delivery rests exclusively with him.

Delivery is not possible in the following situations (non-exhaustive list):

-If the conditions mentioned for access and exit, as well as stopping and unloading the truck are not met.

-In narrow residential areas, where many cars are parked, with sharp turns and winding streets.

-Place where the delivery address is more than 75 m from the place where the truck parks and unloads.

-If the access is not at least 50 cm wider than the length of the goods.

-Unloading without risks is not possible for the driver because it is a main road with heavy traffic or with many turns.

-If the delivery location is in a location without access roads or in a location that is difficult to access (e.g. a mountainous area).


Not available in all regions. Jardin-Confort SA reserves the right to cancel or adapt the delivery method, service and delivery method chosen by the buyer. Additional charges for places closed to traffic, unsuccessful deliveries, difficult access and special delivery requirements (furniture lift, no elevator, elevator too small, for example). The buyer must check the dimensions of the items ordered and measure the access points, doors as well as the stairs and/or elevator of the delivery address. It is his responsibility to ensure beforehand that the delivery takes place without incident, without the use of a furniture lift or elevator or delivery with more than 2 people. If the delivery location upstairs does not have an elevator or if the size of the packaging of the items ordered cannot fit into the elevator, Jardin-Confort SA may reassess the delivery costs or change the delivery method. It is the customer's responsibility to inquire and verify package and elevator measurements beforehand.

- "SILVER" package CHF 79.- Delivery upstairs with unpacking of items: Delivery to the final location of use, including upstairs. Unpacking of items. Recovery and recycling of packaging. Without assembly.

- “GOLD” package CHF 119.- Upstairs delivery and furniture assembly*: Delivery, furniture assembly and installation at home, including upstairs. Recovery and recycling of packaging.

*The following items are excluded from the Gold package and cannot be assembled: Swings, chests, cabinets, pavilions, shelters, gazebos, blinds, grills and barbecues.

The following services are excluded and not possible: fixing items to the ground or wall, electrical connections and fittings, concreting, preparation of the floor, walls or surfaces, drilling, water connections and fittings and gas.

Important information about transport damage

Although we have followed all instructions for proper freight packaging, unfortunately it may happen from time to time that your order arrives damaged at its destination.

We therefore ask you to check the goods immediately upon delivery in the presence of the carrier and to note any damage on the delivery note before signing it.

For what?

Without this mention on the delivery note, you accept the damaged items by your signature, you confirm that you have received the goods complete and in perfect condition, a “clean receipt”.

A claim for damages against the carrier or sender is not accepted in the event of a subsequent claim for apparent damage with “clean receipt”. The carriers' insurance refuses to cover the costs in this case. With a signed delivery note without mention of damage, the carrier and its insurer assume that the damage only occurred after delivery.

Unfortunately, our customers are often of the opinion that we must pay for the damage despite the signed delivery note. Of course, we are at your side in the event of transport damage and will be happy to help you resolve the claim quickly. But in the case of “clean receipt” we reach our limits, because we also do not receive compensation from the carrier for the costs incurred.

We therefore ask that you always immediately check incoming shipments in the presence of the driver in order to immediately complain in writing about any freight damage. This is the only way to ensure smooth claims settlement in your interest. Film-wrapped pallets must be specially checked because the damage is sometimes under the flexible plastic film which hides the boxes underneath.

Jardin-Confort SA