Mdf Italia Rock Outdoor dining table Ø140cm

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Mdf Italia Rock Outdoor dining table Ø140cm outdoor dining table.

Design by Jean-Marie Massaud.

A mix of natural and industrial materials, which blend into a unique product with a flexible design following the same philosophy as the Flow collection. A refined and solid object, light and stable, radical and sensual.

The iconic table, with its fluid and elegant silhouette, completely reveals the nature of what it represents: “a round table” which seemingly levitates above a solid inorganic base.

Rock Table is a collection of tables suitable for both domestic and contract environments, available in several heights, dimensions and finishes.

Tray diameter 140cm. Height: 73cm. Weight: 129kg.


The table with cement tops and Granuto cement top (with stone chips) is also suitable for outdoor use (optional protective cover).


The bases are made of UHPFRC concrete (ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete), with high technical-structural characteristics, available in the colors natural cement, anthracite cement, green cement and terracotta cement.

Mass coloring is a fundamental characteristic of elements. The finishing and coloring of the bases takes place through a masterful mixture of sands and natural elements; this factor, together with the slow maturation and drying of the piece, allows infinite shades to be obtained. The mixing of this particular material and the maturation process in relation to climate changes may result in visual irregularities in design and color. Shades, non-uniformity of surface and color should be considered as characteristics of quality and uniqueness. All different from each other, all original.

The particular design of the junction between the base and the table tube creates a pleasant and elegant technical-aesthetic detail. The components, the junction tube and the flange under the plate, are made of aluminum and powder painted in the matt colors white, graphite gray, orange and green.


  • CEMENT: in white or anthracite UHPFRC cement (high-performance reinforced fiber concrete) guaranteeing high technical and structural characteristics.
  • GRANITO CEMENT: in UHPFRC cement (high-performance reinforced fiber concrete) guaranteeing high technical and structural characteristics, colored in the mass with natural oxides, enriched on the surface with terrazzo made up of rocks and inerts of alpine origin (terrazzo plateau white and green) and terrazzo made of inert materials of Tuscan origin (terracotta top).

Color combinations:

  • White version A: natural cement base, matt white junction tube and flange, white cement top
  • White version B: natural cement base, matt white junction tube and flange, white terrazzo cement top.
  • Anthracite version: anthracite cement base, matt anthracite gray junction tube and flange, anthracite cement top
  • Orange version: terracotta cement base, matt orange junction tube and flange, terracotta terrazzo cement top.
  • Green version: green cement base, matt green junction tube and flange, green terrazzo cement top.

color combination mdf italia rock table

Outdoor use:
The table with cement/terrazzo cement top can also be used outdoors.

Furniture exposed to the outside undergoes alterations over time on the surface in color as well as in molecular structure - even when treated - which depend on the geographical area and/or exposure conditions (e.g. high humidity and/or salinity).
Proper maintenance, for example by cleaning the table often with water, increases resistance even to corrosion. In winter and during periods of non-use, it is recommended to cover the structures with the protective cover provided for this purpose sold as an option.

Non-contractual images, photos and illustrations. Samples of materials and colors visible on request at our showroom.

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