Höfats Bowl 57 with low star base Brazier Fire Pit Grill

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Hofats Bowl with wire legs Brasero Fireplace Grill.

The Bowl family is growing. New version 2022.

The new Bowl 57 raises the quality of your experience around the fire by several levels. Thanks to the improved half-sphere and the ash pan with optimized air supply, your fire becomes even cleaner, more pleasant and certified according to the En1860 barbecue standard.
The renewed accessory range preserves your exciting flexibility. For Bowl professionals and novices alike, this is the summer must-have!

Get the multifunctionality that gives you the right, fiery response for every situation.

Version 2022:

✔️ Perfected combustion .

✔️ Improved stability .

✔️ Refined look .

✔️ Reinforced material .

A perfect shape for your barbecues and outdoor fires.

Höfats Bowl 57 – A black half-sphere with a simple design, which fascinates and astonishes with its multiplicity! Place it horizontally for a barbecue, or tilted to direct the pleasant heat in the direction of your choice. The position of your Bowl 57 also depends on the use at the time: with the included wire stand you create a pleasant living room atmosphere. As for the foldable tripod (accessory sold as an option), it allows you to adjust it to the right height for a barbecue or a moment of relaxation standing around the fire.

The fire bowl can be assembled and disassembled in no time, all without any tools. You decide where, when and how things happen: a piece of bread on a stick or sausages grilled in the heat of the flames? Succulent steaks, delicious fish or fresh grilled vegetables? Or a simple moment of relaxation with friends watching the dancing flames? The tilting half-sphere protects your fire from the wind and diffuses its pleasant warmth in the desired direction. And the next morning, you simply remove the removable bowl to get rid of the cold ashes and clean your Bowl 57.

2022 Improvements:

Perfected combustion.

The new two-element ventilation system of the ash pan allows the fire to be fed with even more fresh air and achieves clean combustion.

Improved stability.

The Bowl 57 tripod and the Bowl 57 star base now boast even greater stability. With three points of contact with the ground and three with the bowl, Bowl is always stable, even in an inclined position.

Refined look.

The new Bowl 57 tripod, which screws on tightly, shines with an even more filigree appearance while maintaining its usual stability.

Reinforced material.

The reinforced material of the fire bowl ensures even greater stability and the improved coating guarantees even longer lasting enjoyment.

A true multi-talent.

You use your Bowl 57 as you wish, as a brazier or as a barbecue! The Bowl 57 with wire base is the right solution for spending a pleasant time sitting around the fire, or enjoying a barbecue on a grill, plancha or both! (Accessories sold as options). Do you occasionally want to raise your Bowl 57? Then order the foldable tripod available as an accessory! With three points of contact on the ground and three others for the brazier, your fire bowl always remains stable and safe.

With the various optional accessories available, you can also use the Bowl as a barbecue grill!

The existing Bowl and new Bowl 57 accessories can be combined with the Bowl as well as the new Bowl 57 as usual.

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The original features of the Bowl.

Perfected wood combustion. It's the inside that counts. Precisely, this is where we completely reinvented our ash tray. The two-element ventilation system ensures that the wood receives sufficient fresh air in every position of the Bowl 57. The surprising result? Wood combustion is almost smokeless, cleaner and more complete.

Multifunctional fire bowl or multipurpose barbecue? Bowl 57 is all of these things at once. Do you want to warm up the atmosphere on a cooler evening? Simply tilt the half-sphere in the desired direction to enjoy pleasant warmth! Is it time for a small or larger barbecue? To do this, position your Bowl horizontally and use the grill, the plancha or both to spoil your guests with a variety of specialties for which you have the secret!

Which version to choose?

The Bowl can be assembled and disassembled in no time at all. You can use it with the wire stand – for pleasant conversations with your friends sitting around the fire – or with the foldable tripod – to prepare your grills at a comfortable working height. Can't decide? In this case, order both supports and use them according to your desires and needs!

hofats bowl version

Bowl accessories.

Enjoy the multifunctionality of your Bowl – as a fire pit or as a barbecue, with wire stand or with the taller foldable tripod (accessory). Assembly and disassembly are very easy and tool-free. Don't waste time and discover everything your Bowl is capable of!

Höfats, a designer manufacturer from the Allgäu region, specializes in barbecues of all kinds and their accessories. All products convince with high-quality materials and long-lasting quality.

Delivered without optional accessories.

01 Ash Tray.

What matters is the interior. The ash tray is the central element of our Bowl. It feeds the fire with oxygen and protects the ground from the heat. After the fire session, it is easily removed and cleaned.

BOWL 57 Exclusive: the two-element ventilation system feeds the fire with even more fresh air and ensures clean combustion. Pleasant details, such as an aid for positioning the fire starter as well as a perfectly adapted shape, round off the whole thing.

02 Fire bowl .

This is where it gets hot. So that the beneficial heat of the fire produces the greatest possible effect, this half-sphere with its sober design proves to be a true multi-talent. It can be positioned high or close to the ground, horizontal or inclined, and offers the plancha and the grill a stable support for the grilling session.

BOWL 57 Exclusive: The reinforced material ensures even greater stability and the improved coating guarantees even longer-lasting enjoyment. The body of the Bowl 57 can now be tilted continuously without an additional positioning star.

03 Tripod.

The foldable tripod has proven itself: It raises the Bowl in no time at all to a comfortable standing height and gives it secure support - both horizontally and tilted.

Bowl 57 Exclusive: the screw-in tripod shines with its even more filigree appearance while maintaining its usual stability, now certified by the barbecue standard EN1860. In addition, it can now be screwed tight and facilitates assembly thanks to haptic markers.

04 Low star feet.

The low star base, formerly a wire base, allows you and your friends to relax comfortably around the fire. With three points of contact with the ground and three points of contact with the bowl, Bowl is always stable, even tilted, and you can let yourself be perfectly warmed by the fire.

Bowl 57 Exclusive: the low star foot now offers an even more stable position, complying with the En1860 barbecue standard. The slightly elevated position of the Bowl no longer requires an additional positioning star and now allows you to be enveloped even more directly by the heat of the fire.

Technical characteristics:

EAN: 4064251002493.

Dimensions: 62.00x63.00x34.00.
Item Weight: 6.8kg.
Package weight: 10.3 kg.

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